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Blog Archive for October 2015

Why Chantal Loves myBlueprint

October 26 2015

Why do you love myBlueprint? Earlier this year, we released our first student submission about why they love myBlueprint. Chantal …

The Benefits of Self-Assessment

October 20 2015

The Benefits of Self-Assessment We’ve all seen them before; in magazines, online, in class, but why do we take quizzes …

Turkies and Traditions: The History of Thanksgiving

October 13 2015

Yesterday schools were out and most of us were able to enjoy a long weekend with an extra day off. …

Why Zaynab Loves myBlueprint

October 5 2015

The love for myBlueprint keeps on coming! Zaynab has been a myBlueprint user for many years, and doesn’t plan on …