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About Us

We like to think of ourselves as a creative and hard-working team with a focus on the effective use of leading-edge technology in education.  We value research and have developed unique solutions that are reality-based, forward thinking and student-centred.  We are committed to ensuring our resources are user-friendly and support the diverse needs of counsellors, career practitioners, teachers and educators across Canada.

myBlueprint Education Planner is available to over 400,000 students and is successfully implemented in thousands of elementary and secondary schools across Canada.

Our Goals:

  1. Empower educators with effective resources that engage their students
  2. Develop unique tools that meet local curriculum expectations and learning outcomes
  3. Increase parent involvement and confidence in publicly-funded education
  4. Help Canadian students make the most informed decisions about their future

    Company History

    As told by Gil Silberstein, Co-Founder & President:

    In 2005, a few colleagues and I got together and asked ourselves the question, “Is the existing approach to “career planning” really meeting the needs of Canadian students?” As undergraduates at The University of Western Ontario, we had a unique opportunity to conduct research and leverage the knowledge and expertise of our professors.

    We initiated our research with an inquiry-based approach and held meetings with thousands of education stakeholders across Canada with a focus on counsellors, teachers, parents and students.

    Our research led us to discover unexpected challenges and significant opportunities.
    With feedback in hand, we put our heads together and created the “myBlueprint” concept with a focus on education planning (as opposed to occupation planning) and using technologies that at that time were only in their infancy. We knew the next steps wouldn’t be easy. It all really started the day after our last exam in my parent’s basement (thanks for the coffee, mom).

    Having received exceptional feedback from educators, faculty and colleagues, we decided to turn myBlueprint from concept into reality. As the saying goes, the rest is history!

    “We’re not only developing software, we’re developing the next generation of tools for student success.” – Gil Silberstein