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Course Selection Module

The essential time-saving tool.

Course Selection Module (CSM) enhances myBlueprint Education Planner by providing an end-to-end solution that modernizes the course selection process and provides students with the most effective education planning approach.

Seamless Integration


Stress-free course requests.

Counsellors visually review course selections, identify plans with missing prerequisites, make modifications and are always aware of which students have yet to submit their courses.

Customized course notifications.

Guidance Messages aid in informed course planning by providing students and parents with important updates instantly.

Reality-based planning.

Instead of planning each year in isolation (common with traditional paper-and-pencil methods) students select their courses for next year and at the same time plan their courses for their entire high school career.

Visual graduation tracking.

The Graduation Indicator visually displays the completed and planned courses needed to graduate (based on province-specific requirements) and keeps students informed of their progress.

Effective post-secondary transitions.

Completed and current courses are automatically loaded into a student’s Official High School Plan. As students build their plan, the Pathway Eligibility Indicator automatically shows students the impact of their selections and unlocks all eligible possible post-secondary options.

Keeping It Simple

No joking, it really is easy!

Supports every Student Information System.

Minimal IT resources required for initial integration.

Training provided by the myBlueprint Support Team.