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Facing your Post-Secondary Fears

June 10 2016

As the end of the school year approaches and the transition from high school to post-secondary starts to become a reality, you are probably experiencing a lot of different emotions and feelings. We’ve talked a lot about how to prepare for this transition by using great tools like the Resume Builder, Post-Secondary Planner, Job Finder, and the Financial Planner. From this there are a lot of positives and exciting things to look forward to beyond high school, but what about the things that worry or scare you?
Society often promotes universities or colleges in an exciting, bright, and shiny way, as if you’re being sold the latest accessory; but what about the other side of things?
What are you most scared of?
When you think about leaving high school, and maybe moving to a new town with friends or by yourself, and starting a new form of school or a new job, what feelings come up? Nervousness, worry, fear, and frustration are some of common feelings. Whatever feelings come up for you, take a moment to recognize them. Sit with them for a few minutes and try to think about why you may be feeling this way.
If you feel fear or anxiety, it’s okay: that’s normal. You are about to go through a major life change where you will get a taste of adult life and have to start working on being more independent. This can be a big change for a lot of people, no matter how old they are, and it can take some time to get used to it.
Take a moment to tell yourself “It’s okay, this feeling is normal.”
Like any new concept you learn in math class, or any other class, it takes some time to get used an idea and become comfortable. Starting a new program or job is the same. You have to allow yourself some time to experience that learning curve as you settle in to your new lifestyle with different expectations.
So it’s okay to be scared, worried, and nervous; this is a normal part of life. Take the time to recognize your feelings around this transition and reflect on it. You can also reach out to a friend to talk about your fears and worries, chances are they’ve feeling the same way.


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