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How myBlueprint Can Help You Succeed

November 17 2016

Imagine this. You’re sitting at your computer on a sunny Sunday morning. You have the myBlueprint website open, and you’re deep in thought. You’re thinking to yourself, “I have this great resource in front of me. myBlueprint has all the tools that I could possibly need to be an awesome student. But how do I use myBlueprint, and all of the great resources that it has to offer to be successful?”

Well, wonder no more, my friend! We’ve got you covered! Here are just some of the many different ways that myBlueprint can help you succeed!

1. myBlueprint Can Help You Discover Yourself

As students and teenagers, we are constantly growing. We are always finding new things that we like, things that we dislike, and things that we’re just not sure about. In short, we are discovering who we are, and we sure could use some help with this long and tiring process.
This is where myBlueprint comes in. By using the myBlueprint website, you can learn about your personality type, motivations, future career, and so much more by completing the Who Am I Assessments! While it might not tell you the meaning of life, myBlueprint can definitely help you discover a big part of who you are.

2. myBlueprint Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

You have goals. myBlueprint has a Goal Setting tool. You want to achieve your goals and this tool helps you do just that! Seems like a perfect fit, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is! By using the Goal Setting Tool, not only can you set SMART Goals, but you can also make sure that you stick to them. Whether your goals are related to academics, athletics, or anything else, this tool will make sure that you achieve them!

3. myBlueprint Can Help You Plan Your Education and Career

Education and career planning is a big part of being a student. That’s why myBlueprint has plenty of tools to help you along the way. Whether you want to figure out what career is best for you on the Occupations section, or find out which post-secondary programs you’re eligible for using the High School and Post-secondary tools, myBlueprint has got you covered!

4. myBlueprint Can Help You Find a Job

Looking for a job? Well, look no further than! The Resume and Cover Letter builders can help you amaze any employer. And, with the newly added Job Search tool, you can search for jobs, internships, and volunteer roles right from the website!

5. myBlueprint Can Help You Plan Your Finances

Money is important. Very important. So important, in fact, that you need to use it carefully and thoughtfully, and the myBlueprint website can help you do just that. On the Money section, you can record your income, keep track of your expenses, and plan your finances!

6. myBlueprint Can Help You Keep Learning

Not only can you learn about new careers and post-secondary programs, but you can also read the Guides and Articles to learn about everything that a student would ever want to know! Through the myBlueprint website, you can educate yourself about goal setting, paying for post-secondary opportunities, apprenticeships and so much more!

7. myBlueprint Can Help You Win Cool Prizes

Everybody loves cool prizes. That’s why the myBlueprint website can help you win some! By completing the Activities, you can enter the draws to win prizes like gift cards and cool gadgets!

So, there you have it. Those are just some of the many different ways that myBlueprint can help you succeed.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try them out, and see just how easily myBlueprint can help you become an awesome student! (well, more awesome than you already are)

This blog post was written by Saud, a grade 11 student in Ontario. Would you like to be a myBlueprint Student Blogger? Email for more details!


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