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How Using myBlueprint Helped Me Plan for Grade 12

June 14 2017

To start off, I am a Grade 11 High School student who is also doing my co-op at myBlueprint. It has been so much fun! After using myBlueprint, I have some great experiences to share. I’ve included here some of the ways myBlueprint has helped me to plan for Grade 12 and beyond.

1. High School Planner

Using this feature has been one of my greatest experiences on myBlueprint! Not only does it help you plan your high school courses, it also lets you compare and take courses that best suit your needs. It even shows the pre-requisites you need for a certain pathway or course all on one page without switching back and forth! After using the High School Planner for the past few years, I have realized how easy and helpful it is to use myBlueprint! For example, it has helped me plan my Grade 12 courses and shows me which post-secondary programs are available to me. I’m thinking of going to university.

2. Setting Goals

This is also one of the features I love on myBlueprint. Beyond just setting a goal, it’s important to have steps to work on to achieve that goal so that you stay motivated. This is called an Action Plan. Setting Goals on myBlueprint is easy because the tool takes you through step-by-step instructions and prompts you with examples. You can set goals that are short-term to long-term and even create “SMART” Action Plans that will help you achieve your goals!

3. Money/Budget Planning

As a high school student, we all need to spend money for many different things. The Money tool on myBlueprint has helped me to develop money management skills. Otherwise, I would’ve been lost and confused at how or where to spend my money. This budget planner has made me realize where my money has gone and how much I need to save to buy important things! It is also nicely organized on one screen where you can look at your full budget summary!

4. Post-Secondary Institutions

Going into Grade 12 brings a lot of stress around where I want to go for my post-secondary education. Using the Post-Secondary database on myBlueprint allows me to browse different university programs that are available to me and it integrates with my High School Planner to show which courses I need for each program. I now have an idea of where I want to be after high school which relieves my stress about next year! It also features a lot of filters which you can use to find specific programs that best suit your interests.

5. Compatibility Surveys

A lot of people don’t realize that this feature can reveal your true interests and suggest occupations you might like. I didn’t know this at first, but after I tried the compatibility survey for a few jobs, I realized what I am truly interested in. It also integrates with the Who Am I surveys which asks you questions about your values and interests. I would recommend doing the Who Am I surveys and the Compatibility surveys together because your results will give you a bigger picture of what you want to do in the future!

So those are the main ways that using myBlueprint has helped me plan this year and for Grade 12. Be sure to check them out as soon as possible because they have been super helpful to me and I hope you guys will benefit as well! It has been a great pleasure to be using myBlueprint and I hope that sharing my experiences will motivate you to get started!

This blog post was written by Jacky, a grade 11 student in Ontario. myBlueprint is always looking for student volunteers to help contribute amazing blog posts just like this one. Would you like to write an article that you think other students across Canada would want to read? Email and we’ll help you figure out the next steps.


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