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Advanced Inventories that help maximize student learning potential.

Available as an enhancement to myBlueprint Education Planner or as stand-alone products, these Inventories will boost student confidence and participation in course and career planning.


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Understand your learning style.

Students complete this inventory and gain self-confidence about how they learn and what strategies and tips can help them succeed. Teachers better understand classroom diversity, which can inform strategies for student teacher interactions and identify reasons for underachievement.

Education Focused.

DISCOVERY and EXPLORATIONS’ grade-specific questions uncover not only occupation areas, but also high school courses and post-secondary pathways that match student interests.

Appropriate Questions and Forward-Thinking Results.

DISCOVERY and EXPLORATIONS ask the most appropriate questions according to grade level and generate results that provide students realistic insight into planning for the future.

Fun and Easy.

Simple design and interactive yes or no questions reveal students’ personal interests and lead them down a path of self-discovery.

Powerful Integration.

Student results seamlessly integrate and can be effectively utilized with myBlueprint Education Planner’s High School and Post-Secondary Planner features.

Forward thinking online assessments

Did You Know?

Well now you do!

76% of students begin thinking about their post-secondary options before they start high school.

– 2011 myBlueprint Student Feedback Survey