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Is it Break Time yet?

June 2 2016

The school year will soon be coming to an end, and for all of you in high school, we are certain that you are ready for a break. Whether you were getting used to the new schedule system, struggling which courses to choose to prepare for post-secondary, or stressing out about getting the best possible marks, it’s time for a break.
High school is tough. We’ve all been there and regardless of the friend groups that we had, whether we were in the debate club or the quarterback of the football team, we all share the same struggle: our grades.
There is meaning and value to grades. They help you to have a better sense of the content that you understand, your strengths, and your areas for improvement. They can be used as a positive reinforcement for all your hard work, or they can let you know to work harder or switch up the way you study next time. There are other reasons too, but we’re sure that your principal, or your teacher, or your guidance counsellor has listed off the rest.
But when does focusing on your grades become too much?
Don’t get us wrong, grades are one of the central factors of post-secondary acceptance, but focusing on them too much can cause symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.
Yet when we think about studying, getting good grades, and our future, these thoughts can become easily overwhelming. On top of the pressures that we place on ourselves to do well, and follow our interests to achieve our dreams, we also can experience a lot of pressure from our teachers, parents, caregivers, and other external sources in our lives. So it becomes easy to get caught up in the stress of it all. For some, it isn’t until they’ve begun or even completed their post-secondary program that they realize how stressed out they were in high school and how unhealthy that amount of stress really was.
So how can you find a balance?
Last month we talked about the importance of self-care in our blog ‘No Body but You – Part 3’ and we want to come back to this today as it is especially important to include in your life when you are feeling overwhelmed by academics.
When you are feeling so stressed out that you can’t focus on your homework, or if you can’t stop worrying about the future possibilities if you don’t ace an exam, take a break. Stop the work that you are doing and think about your strengths and the qualities that you like about yourself. Then do something you like for a short amount of time to help you relax and clear your mind.
Your grades matter, but your sanity does too.
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