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Portfolio Perfection – How to build one

May 18 2016

We all know what a resume is: two pages of text that sum up your most relevant experiences and education in relation to a specific job that you are applying for. The myBlueprint Resume and Cover Letter Builder is a great tool that guides you through the process of inputting your experience and interests into a clear and concise format.
But what is an education portfolio?
When we think of a portfolio, we may think of some kind of binder that a visual artist has. We may think of a collection of pages that includes the different drawings or painting that the individual has created. This is an artist’s portfolio.
An education portfolio is an intentional collection of your academic work and related materials that demonstrates the activities that you have taken part in and your accomplishments in your courses or other school related involvements.
The purpose of an education portfolio is to demonstrate your quality of academic achievement and to create a lasting archive of the various projects, papers and positive recognitions that you are most proud of. In addition to this, it is a way to show others your strengths as well as your academic and transferable skills.
Most portfolios are built up over a period of time, so don’t worry if you only have a few items to include right now. The best way to start is to start, so whatever you have is a great beginning to your collection. Whatever you choose to include in your portfolio, make sure that it is something that you are proud of and would be happy to show off to others.
What can be included in a portfolio:

  • Report cards
  • Research papers
  • Workshop attendance certificate
  • Record of volunteer hours
  • Letter of participation
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Pamphlet of school event if you were on the organizing committee etc
  • Any other relevant materials from your academic/school related experiences

What about a career portfolio?
A career portfolio is also a collection of work and is a demonstration of your abilities and achievements, but the theme is based on your volunteer and work experience. So rather than including a report card or research paper that you are proud of, you can include

  • Any job training certificates that you have (for example First Aid and CPR certification)
  • Letters of participation to prove that you worked in a particular environment for a certain amount of time
  • Letters of recommendation from an employer or supervisor
  • Any other relevant material that demonstrates your strengths

You can create your own personal or career portfolio on myBlueprint! Simply login and select My Portfolio from your Student Dashboard. It’s easy to add work you’ve done on myBlueprint or upload your own pictures, files or videos from your device or Google Drive. You can also choose to share this portfolio with parents, teachers, or future employers.
For more information on portfolios, click here


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