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SHSM Planner

Comprehensive support for Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM).

Enhance myBlueprint Education Planner with a cost-effective add-on that promotes school-specific SHSM pathway charts and makes tracking of requirements easy.


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Save time tracking requirements.

SHSM Planner replaces Excel files and cumbersome paper folders and provides teachers with an intuitive system to easily and effectively keep track of student progress, manage SHSM programs and stay organized.

Encourage student involvement.

Students discover SHSM opportunities, learn about expectations, unlock related occupations, apply and then request teacher approval for completed program requirements – all directly through High School Planner.

Streamline the SHSM application process.

Students complete an online application form to indicate an interest in a program and print a copy to submit to their teacher. Add questions to the fully customizable application form with the click of a button.

Increase team collaboration.

Student progress is always accessible to the entire SHSM Team – even to teachers with no access to your Student Information System. Team members help collaborate with the SHSM Lead by group approving requirements as they are completed by students.

Generate powerful reports.

Export reports on individual student progress, quickly identify students with missing requirements and more. SHSM reports make it easy to complete Board and Ministry reporting requirements.

Why Teachers <3 SHSM Planner

myBlueprint <3’s teachers too!

“Saves me time tracking SHSM requirements.”

“Fully customized to our school’s SHSM sectors.”

“The easy way to learn about SHSM programs.”

“Simplifies student enrollment and applications.”