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The Best Ways To Track Your Summer Experiences

September 7 2016

Are you wondering what kept the myBlueprint team busy during ‘Summer 16’? You guessed it- We launched the brand new myBlueprint 5.0!

Now that the secret is out of the bag, let us tell you a little bit more about the new design and how it will help YOU:

  • The new responsive web design means that myBlueprint will adapt to your behavior based on the screen size and platform you are using. As you switch between a desktop, laptop, iPad, or phone, myBlueprint will automatically adjust. In other words, myBlueprint now has technology to automatically respond to your preferences. Whether you are accessing myBlueprint on the bus from your phone or on a desktop at your school, myBlueprint will adjust to fit your device!
    Why is this important? Responsive web design has become essential as the amount of internet traffic from mobile phones and tablets now accounts for 50%+ of all internet traffic! Plus, you will no longer have to worry about zooming in and out of window on a mobile device or iPad to read the information properly. Your myBlueprint experience is only getting better ☺

  • Existing tools have been improved with simpler navigation and better usability. It’s even easier to navigate your account, and you may notice that some of the tools have new names and features… Curious? Log in to your account and go explore!

Now that you know what we have been up to these past two months, it’s time for you to reflect back on your summer break!

What were you up to this summer while the myBlueprint team was busy creating the latest 5.0 version?

Perhaps you went on vacation with your family, attended a summer camp, volunteered for a local food drive, or maybe even had your first job! All of the experiences and things you did this summer are worth keeping track of and recording.

In fact, here are some ways to help you track and make use of your summer experiences:

  1. BEEF UP YOUR RESUME. Add your experiences to your resume using the myBlueprint Resume Builder. Don’t be shy- Make sure you add ALL of your summer experiences in the different sections of your resume. Any experience is GOOD experience!
    1. Example 1: If you worked at the local food market, add this experience to the ‘Work Experience’ section. Don’t forget to reflect back on your experience and add any new skills/abilities you acquired to the ‘Skills and Abilities’ section!
    2. Example 2: If you completed your Emergency First Aid certification over the summer, add this certification to the ‘Certifications’ section.
    3. Example 3: If you went travelling this summer with friends/family and you now have the travel bug, add this to the ‘Hobbies and Interests’ section.
  2. CREATE AN ‘ABOUT ME’ PORTFOLIO. With the new myBlueprint 5.0, you can create as many portfolios as you wish! That being said, consider creating an ‘About Me’ portfolio to showcase your experiences, skills and interests. For example, you could include your resume, ‘Who Am I’ survey results, a picture of yourself, files (documents) of past projects you created, links to blog posts or a website that best represents your interests, or a picture of your role model with a description explaining why you look up to this individual.

  3. ADD A JOURNAL ENTRY TO YOUR ‘ABOUT ME’ PORTFOLIO. Once you have added a variety of artefacts to your ‘About Me’ portfolio, add a journal entry detailing your summer 2016 experiences and how these experiences reflect who you are as an individual. You may want to write about what you learned over the course of the summer or what activities you liked most and why!

  4. ASK FOR A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. Did you volunteer or work over the summer? Are you proud of your hard work, your positive attitude, or the skills you developed? If you answered YES to these questions, consider asking your employer or supervisor for a recommendation letter. A letter of recommendation attests to your achievements and abilities, and most of all, a belief in you that you will succeed in your next endeavor.

For more information on how to get and ask for a letter of recommendation, read the Securing a letter of recommendation blog.

‘Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing’

-Steve Jobs


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