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Your Year in Review

June 21 2016

Exam time is here, which means two things:

  1. You’ll be studying probably more than ever in the next week and;
  2. You can then start your summer! But before you do that, take some time to reflect on your school year.
    September to June is a long time to think about. A lot can happen in just a span of ten months. Whether your year was good, bad or great, there’s always a silver lining and a lesson to take from it all. To reflect on the past year, go to My Portfolio and revisit the boxes you’ve added or write a Journal entry or Reflection.

    Here are some questions that you can use to help guide your reflection process:
    • What SMART goals did you achieve?
    • Do you have SMART goals to still complete? How will you achieve them?
    • What did you find challenging this year? How did you overcome these challenges?
    • What new interests did you develop or maintain this year? Why do you enjoy them?
    • Are your interests a passion that could become a career?
    • What did you learn this year about your strengths?

    Taking the time to reflect on your year can help you to plan and better prepare yourself for next year and any future challenges that you may face.
    To learn more about dealing with future challenges, see our blog on Soft Skills: Resilience.
    Good luck on exams!


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